The Subluxated State and Your Expression of Health


Have you ever felt like you were just “off” or like you were not performing at your best? Certainly, we all can relate to the question at some point in time. Sometimes our aches and pain contribute to this and it’s more of a feeling like you are in a state of survival as opposed to thriving in your body. What causes you to feel at dis-ease or less than 100 percent? The effects or possibilities can be endless however the cause remains true, Subluxation and that may be what is holding you and your family back form living your best life. What is it and why is this the first time you are hearing this?

Those are valid questions. First, Subluxation is when 3 things are present in your body. One, the vertebra or bones in your spine move out of alignment with the spinal bones above and below it, respectively. Second, the vertebra that is out of alignment gets “stuck” or is not moving the way it is intelligently designed to move. Third, this state of dis-ease creates an abnormal stress and tension on your nervous system. This is massive, this is when the state of dis-ease starts. This is like when the tires on your vehicle get out of alignment, in that when it occurs ALL other parts are negatively impacted from the tires, bearings, to the powerhouse of the vehicle as it is wasting energy to perform at safe and optimal levels. Sometimes we attempt to push off maintenance on our vehicles and far too often we push off doing things that add health to our bodies, this leads to sub-optimal expression of health and often a lower quality of living. It doesn’t have to be that way. It can be much, much better with regular chiropractic care.

Here is a great example and reason to continue getting checked for Subluxation to improve your overall expression of health. Regular chiropractic care has been shown in the literature to improve quality of life at the genetic level. We know that when subluxation is present and there is a loss of the normal cervical curve quality of life and health in the body decreases. In this particular study, it was discovered that the patient had their telomeres lengthen over the course of chiropractic care. Telomere length is commonly used as biomarker for biological aging. It is longest at birth and shortens over time due to genetic and environmental factors. Shortened Telomeres have also been associated with inflammatory and metabolic diseases. After the patient completed her chiropractic care plan, her Telomeres were LONGER than they were prior to starting care! This is a huge reason to continue receiving Chiropractic Care as the main pillar of your wellness lifestyle. Click here for the full study!

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